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Gallery: Spring Forward

Most of the country is currently in the grips of a significant cold spell with temperatures looking to continue to get colder over the next week. Here in Seattle we may not see highs above freezing later this week, something that does not happen very often given our proximity to the ocean. There is even a possibility of snow throughout the next week in Seattle which I am rather excited about, although I am learning trying to get snow in Seattle requires essentially all the planets in the Solar System to align during a solar eclipse while Mercury is in retrograde. That is an exaggeration, but basically typically the scenario is there is moisture, but not enough cold air. Or there is cold air, but not enough moisture. We shall see I suppose.

Anyway, there is a point here and that is I am ready for spring, scratch that I am ready for summer, but I'll take spring in the meantime. To curb the winter blues here is a gallery of some of my favorite photos I've taken during the spring season.

Sunrise over spring wildflowers among Cholla cactus in Joshua Tree National Park in California.
Lupine above the foggy Pacific in Big Sur.
An enchanting old growth forest in Olympic National Park in Washington.
Spring at Point Lobos in California.
The rugged coast of Montana de Oro on California's central coast.
A yucca bloom in Joshua Tree National Park in California.
Camping high above Big Sur in the Ventana Wilderness in California.
Arrowleaf balsamroot blooms on the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon.
A starry night on a cold spring evening on the wild Olympic coast in Washington.
A misty coastal forest in Oregon.
Camping under the mighty Sawtooths in Idaho in spring.
Waves crash on the dramatic cliffs of Oregon's coast.
Poppies bloom during a superbloom in SoCal.
More hiking through misty coastal forest in Oregon.
A foggy afternoon in Big Sur.
Wild sunrise colors in Sawtooth National Forest in Idaho.
Lupine and yucca bloom on a grassy ridge in the Ventana Wilderness in California.
A deer wanders a ridgeline in front of the snowy Olympic Range in Washington.
The sun breaks through the clouds during a spring "superbloom" in central California
Spring wildflowers bloom over the stark desert hills of Joshua Tree National Park in California.
Heavy winter rains turn the coastal hills of Central California verdant green.
Exploring the Giant Forest in Sequoia National Park in California in the early spring.
A misty sunrise over the coastal hills near Paso Robles, California.
McWay Falls on the Big Sur coast.
The rugged badlands of Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota in May.
The jet blue McKenzie River tumbles over Koosah Falls on a rainy afternoon in central Oregon.
Above the clouds on a chilly late spring morning near Mount Shasta in northern California.
Spring showers reveal a rainbow next to Multnomah Falls, Oregon's tallest.
A very old photo (circa 2010) of a humid sunrise from where I grew up in eastern Kansas.
Another oldie from 2013 of a wheat field under a colorful sunset on the flat plains of Kansas.
Fog fills a valley beneath the snowy Cascades of northern California on a calm April morning.
Joshua trees in their namesake park on a perfect April evening.
Flowers bloom in an old growth forest in the low elevations of North Cascades National Park in Washington.
Wildflowers bloom on a ridge high above the foggy Pacific Ocean near Big Sur in California.
Coastal wildflower blooms in Montana de Oro on California's central coast.
A misty April morning on the sunny coast of Big Sur in California.
Wildflowers cover the coastal hills of SoCal.
Colorful sunrise over the jagged Sawtooth Range in Idaho in May.
Wildflowers dot the rolling hills of central California during a rare spring "superbloom".
Colorful sunrise over the Carrizo Plain in central California.

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